Pledge to End this Dark Force:Pledge to End All Wars
April 6, 2009, 5:50 pm
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The world hasn’t learned from the Death March. Wars continue to rage. And wars seem to draw unimaginable inhumanity to the captive and the weak. Pledge to end this dark force. Remember the Death March and the even more brutal wars going on.


Join the Voices Against War and the Philippine War Veterans and Ex-Servicemen of BC, Canada in a one-minute silent prayer at 12:00 pm everyday from now on to the next memorial of the Death March for those who suffered through it and later in prison. Offer a prayer and sign this pledge to end all wars, to end all specters of war.

Sign up for peace.


The landscape of memories on WWII in the Philippines might be crowded by now with all kinds of retelling. But, each time anything about it is said or discussed, a swarm of memories start buzzing. It is truly amazing how the telling seems endless


No matter how long ago that war is often referred to, its reality re­mains as vivid as if it were the day before. Apparently, war never dies with its heroes or its traitors both known and unknown. Time actually does not heal the wounds inflicted on families who are innocent of a war, or in the case of Filipinos, the only war they ever experienced and it was not even theirs. Time it seems merely suspended the grieving as families coped with survival.


As Bataan Day or the date is again in the past in the march of days, this pledge to end all wars, to end this dark force should be cast in our hearts. Let us build a memorial to memories with a prayer and remembering. How and when it would turn out and what shape it would take depends on what value the world gives to peace and the world is you.


We will hold on to and nurture this pledge to peace by keeping our memories alive. What better flame indeed




On April 9, 1942 Bataan peninsula south of Manila, supposedly a stronghold where Gen. Douglas McArthur was to move troops according to his War Plan Orange which proved inadequately armed and manned by malnourished and malaria-ravaged contingent. Then Maj. Edward King, commander of the U.S. Army Air Force in Bataan surrendered to the Japanese forces wanting to save his men from further suffering. He did not count on the unimaginable brutality that the Japanese were to inflict on 78,000 Filipino and American Prisoners of Wars.


Fazed by the size of the POWs, the Japanese command could only act inhumanely by making their captives walk the roughly 65 miles from Bataan to the prison camp in Capas, Tarlac north of Manila. The specter of war known as the Death March which lasted for six days began on April 10. Heat in the Philippines hits 98 degrees Fahrenheit in April.



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