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Because I find myself always brimming with memories, historical bits, lore and myth, tales of growing up in the Philippine archipelago of 7,107 islands, places I’ve been like this island the length of a sigh whose only inhabitants are wild doves come to roost, at the slightest cue I talk ‘filipinese’ (as in legalese or journalese). It’s for me an endless outpouring. I can imagine such may not always be fascinating or meritorious of an uhhhuh–that briefest expression of awe–but does a no-response dash me in my flight? No, because I write in ‘filipinese’ not on my wings but with my spirit. And who or what can bridle or fell the spirit?

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Bonjour! I am Digna Velasco Acosta, the daughter of Bien Acosta and Linda Velasco – Acosta from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte and grandniece of Dr Bonifacio V. Albano and sister of Dr Liza Acosta.. I am just trying to search some articles about Lola Pacing in the web and i am glad to read these wonderful memoirs about my place of origin.. I am sorry to say that i may not know you the same as you do not know me however what matters is through technology we’re able to interact.. Currently, I am living and working here in Morocco as the Head for Finance and Admin of a Duty Free Shop company and every weekend my parents call me and next time i will tell them about you.. I miss my parents and siblings and God-willing I will be home next year. All the best and God bless!

Comment by Digna

Bonjour, Digna. First off, I deeply apologize for this year-long delay of my reply to your wonderful note here for me. I had neglected this blog as you must have noticed since last year when my poetry writing has taken off. I also started traveling mostly to New York and this time last year when you wrote this, to Montreal.

Oui, je suis votre tante! Your Lola Pacing and her siblings, including your Lola Caring, were Papa’s second cousins (kapidua) on his parents side, both of whom were Albano. I know your mom, Manang Linda but I think I met your dad only once. I also met your sister, Liza, on my first and last visit to your Lola Pacing’s hospital. Nana Pacing was a big part of our lives especially my sister and I with our sickliness. We were both in her care since birth and frequent patients in her clinic. Papa was your Lolo Gunding’s close friend, too.

You and I, we’re family, Digna, which makes proud of you as your parents must be with your job. Morocco, as I know from readings and the movies, must be a really fascinating place. You’ve said that you miss your siblings and parents. I’m sure you do but I also hope you’ve made some good friends who keep you entertained. Have you visited home, yet?

I’m trying to find more time to activate this blog again. I could post here the weekly column I’ve started to write for a Manila newspaper, yet another commitment that has been keeping me occupied. And I hope we’ll continue to be in touch. I’d love to hear more of you.

God bless, take care and thanks so much again…votre tante, Alegria

Comment by filipineses09

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